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Paralysis Ticks                                              


We have had a terrible week of affected pets. We are seeing a lot of cats too.
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Paralysis Tick Season is here!
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Check out the picture. Paralysis Ticks can vary in colour and size. One part that doesn't normally change is the colour of their legs. Note in the picture that the two middle sets of legs are a different colour to the outer legs.

The main tick of concern for pet owners is the Paralysis Tick (Ixodes holocyclus) as it can cause paralysis and death within 2-4 days of attachment. Paralysis Ticks are extremely common in the Cairns region and while "tick season" is said to be between late June and late December, we do see cases all year round.

If you notice a tick on a pet that is not displaying signs of tick paralysis, remove the tick straight away. To do this, grasp the tick firmly where it attaches to your pet’s skin and give a quick sideways pull. It is better not to try and kill the tick first as the dying tick may inject more of its potent toxin into your pet. If you are not confident removing the tick please call us immediately to make an appointment to have it removed. Once the tick is removed your pet should be kept cool and quiet whilst being closely monitored for 24 hours. If your pet starts to display any signs of tick paralysis, such as vomiting, weakness, staggering, breathing difficulty, or altered bark/meow, seek immediate veterinary attention as this is a genuine veterinary emergency. If your pet is showing any of the above signs, do not offer food or water as these may be accidentally inhaled in tick-affected dogs.

Treatment of tick paralysis includes searching for and removing all ticks. This may include clipping the animal completely and/or the use of medication to kill remaining ticks. Tick antiserum is administered to counteract the toxin and supportive care is provided during recovery. This can be costly in comparison to what it would cost to use tick prevention initially. However, no tick prevention is 100% effective and should always be used in combination with daily searches of your pet. Searching your pet shouldn’t cease once you return from tick-affected regions but should continue for at least 7 days after returning home. Use your fingers to feel over the entire body, especially under the collar, on the face and around the front of your pet. Don’t forget to check carefully between the toes, under the lips and in the ears.

We are more than happy to show you how to do a thorough tick search, please call us to discuss.


Our recommendations for paralysis tick protection are-

•Frontline Spray (Fipronil): a topical spray misted every 3 weeks, this is the only registered paralysis tick product for cats
•Seresto Tick Collar: ask in clinic about this product

•Advantix (Imidacloprid + Permethrin): a top-spot for dogs from 7 weeks of age, must be used fortnightly (this product is toxic to cats)
•Seresto Tick Collar: must be changed every 4 months to remain effective for paralysis ticks
•Permoxin: topical permethrin that must be used every 3 days as a rinse (toxic to cats)
•Nexgard (Afoxolaner): a once monthly chew registered for both fleas and paralysis ticks (not for use in cats)
•Bravecto: 3 monthly chew registered for fleas, brown ticks, paralysis ticks and mites. (not for use in cats)



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