Dr Ellen Liddle

Veterinarian & Practice Owner (BVSc)

Ellen has worked at Southside Veterinary Surgery since 2009 after graduating from the University of Queensland in 2008.  In 2022, Ellen & Lee-Anne took over ownership of the clinic from Helen and Wade to forge a new future for Southside Vets.

Ellen is an exceptional and experienced veterinarian and has a particular interest in feline medicine and soft tissue surgery. She has a strong passion for innovative and modern medicine and implementing these recommendations and practices into our clinic protocols. She is always looking for ways to ensure we are offering gold standard practice.

Outside of work, Ellen enjoys horticulture/propagation, gardening in her amazing yard, cycling, hiking, and other outdoor activities. Much of her love for the outdoors comes from growing up on the Atherton Tablelands. When she does have a quiet moment, she spends it with her partner Dylan, her three cats Pickles, Banksy and Tabitha, and her dogs Saf and Sully. We think she sets the best example for our other vets.

Lee-Anne Kingston

Practice Owner/Manager (Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing)

Lee-Anne started working at Southside in February 2008 and has never looked back. After finishing up her certificate in veterinary nursing, she gradually took on more of the administrative side of things and is now our head nurse.

In 2022 Lee-Anne took on an exciting new role as practice owner with Ellen. She has a special interest in wildlife and dedicates much of her spare time to rehabilitating wild birds. Lee-Anne loves continuing education, so you know your pets are always in safe hands with her. 

When she isn't working with animals, she focuses her attention on her husband, Kelvin, and their two children, Kayla and Liam. She enjoys anything outdoors including hiking and playing cricket. Her spare time is also consumed maintaining her many fish tanks and looking after her birds. Lee-Anne brings a lot of experience to our team and is a great asset. 

Dr Mikayla Foruria

Lead Veterinarian (BVSc)

Mikayla graduated from JCU in 2016. She spent her first year practicing as a veterinarian in Northern NSW but ultimately decided to move back up to warm Far North Queensland.

Mikayla joined our team in October 2018 and has a particular interest in soft tissue surgery and internal medicine. She is also interested in developing her ultrasonography skills. She is great at educating clients and enjoys communicating with them about their pets health.

Outside of work, Mikayla loves hiking, water-skiing, fishing and just generally spending time outdoors. Mikayla recently built her first home with partner, Adam and their accident-prone staffy, Miley.

Mikayla is a very valuable team member!


Dr Wade McAuley

Senior Clinic Veterinarian (BVSc)

Wade graduated from UQ with honours in 1993. He worked as a dairy vet in Victoria for 3 years and then did some tuberculosis testing in the Kimberleys as he and Helen travelled around Australia. Wade and Helen eventually settled in Cairns and bought the clinic in 2000.

He and Helen married and had 3 beautiful kids, Lucas, Emma and Tyler. Together they have helped their little 3-man clinic grow to be the success it is today. In recent years, Wade has been able to take a step back from the clinic and enjoy some of his personal hobbies including fishing, spearing and his newest hobby is breeding fish.

In 2022 Wade & Helen sold the clinic to Ellen & Lee-Anne, Wade still coming into clinic for surgeries & making the staff laugh around the coffee machine. 

Dr Helen McAuley

Senior Clinic Veterinarian (BVSc)

Helen graduated from UQ with first class honours in 1993. She worked in Victoria for a few years and then travelled and worked around Australia for the following 3 years before buying the clinic with her now husband, Wade, back in May 2000. Together they have helped their little 3-man clinic grow to be the success it is today. Southside now has over 20 staff members and a very loyal following of wonderful clients and their furry companions.

Helen has always ensured the clinic feels family orientated and is always looking for ways to ensure we are offering not only gold standard practices, but the best for 'your' pet. Helen has a particular interest in medicine, soft tissue surgery and dermatology. Outside of work, Helen enjoys spending time with her 3 (no so little) kids, Lucas, Emma and Tyler. She has a small menagerie of pets at home. Two dogs, Bizy and Tipsy; a cat, Monsoon; an eclectus parrot, Ruby Rose and a bearded dragon lizard, Mewah. She also enjoys reading and walking. . 

Dr Brooke Burnett

Veterinarian (BVSc)

Brooke became part of the SSVS family in September 2021. After graduating from JCU, Brooke initially worked at a small clinic in Bowen before moving north to Cairns. 

Brooke has a special interest in orthopaedic surgery, ultrasound and radiology & is accredited to perform the PennHIP procedure here in clinic. Brooke not only has a special interest in orthopaedic surgery, but is one of our vets who can provide a variety of orthopaedic procedures. 

Gracie & Poppy are Brooke's 'spolit' rescue dogs, spending the weekends camping, fishing & hiking. 

Dr Tony Smith

Veterinarian (BSc/DVM)

Tony joined the Southside Team in 2023 after graduating from Murdoch University. Even though Tony is a new graduate, his knowledge exceeds his time in the industry. Before venturing into the veterinary world, Tony was a practising nurse back home in the USA. This chapter trickles into the way Tony cares and treats both our clients & patients. His warm, caring & compassionate manner is one of his best assets.

Being a new graduate, Tony is still excited about all area’s of veterinary medicine, enjoying a challenge or new case. In the future Tony would like to focus on our senior & palliative patients, making those last years the best they possibly can be. Tony also has a keen interest in environmental sustainability, doing his part both in the clinic & in his spare time.

Outside of work, Tony can usually be found exploring outdoors, searching for unique wildlife. He is really enjoying all that Far North Queensland has to offer & is the perfect fit for Southside.

Dr Kaitlin Lynch

Veterinarian (BVSc)

Dr Kaitie is a familiar face to Cairns pets having worked in the region for 6 years before starting here with us at Southside. 

Kaitie loves the versaility of the veterinary industry, with something new to experience each day. Kaitie is always up for a challenge and believes that is where the best personal and professional growth occurs. 

Anything surgical is Kaitie's favourite but she has a keen interest in soft tissue surgery. Kaitie also enjoy's emergency medicine, having completed a 1 year continued education course in this area. 

During her spare time Kaitie enjoys going on trips to the tablelands with hubby Scott & fur children Tobi & Lilly. She is also a talented clay earring maker, enjoys getting into some woodwork, painting & all things plants! Lenny the love bird makes up the 5th member of their family, a rescue Kaitie adopted along the way. 

Dr Alice Batty

Veterinarian (BVSc)

Samantha Green

Veterinary Practice Manager (Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing)

Samm joined our team in September 2018 after a long career in early childcare. Samm is now a Certificate IV qualified veterinary nurse & took on the role of Practice Manager in June 2022.

Samm's next goals within the veterinary field include beginning a Diploma in Leadership & Managment and also becoming a registered veterinary nurse. 

Outside of work Samm enjoys hockey, the beach and spending time with her fur babies Millie the Dachshund & Penny the Cat. 

Natalie Mott

Head Nurse (Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing & Registered Nurse))

Nat has a decade of nursing experience under her belt and became fully qualified in 2015. Natalie has recently become a fully registered veterinary Nurse, which is a big deal! Nat decided to join our team in February 2021, and we are so pleased she did. We feel as though she has been a part of our team for much longer and is a great asset to Southside. Nat particularly enjoys surgery and emergency nursing. Outside of nursing, Nat enjoys the outdoors, camping and spending time with her family. Nat has two wonderful dogs called Captain and Gypsy that keep her busy on her days off. 

Tamasyn Smith

Veterinary Nurse (Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing)

Tamasyn has been a qualified Veterinary Nurse since 2007, and her passion for animals is still as strong as ever. She has two cats named Pom Pom and and Lucy, two border collies called Ivy and Hugo, a chihuahua called Pretzel and a cheeky parrots Kibbles & Shark. Tamasyn takes care of the clinic stock and all your special orders. She recently finished a nutritional nurse course and runs a complimentary weight watchers’ clinic.  She also provides dental checks and physiotherapy instruction for our orthopaedic surgery patients. She is also one of our puppy preschool teachers. Outside of work, Tam loves spinning fairy floss, baking, reading, camping and spending time with her daughter Willow and partner, Matt. Tam brings a lot of experience and value to our team.

Heather Ford

Veterinary Nurse (Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing)

Heather has been a Veterinary Nurse for the better part of 18 years and joined our team in 2016, after 8 years of travel around Australia with her Husband, Phil. During her travels Heather worked as a Veterinary Nurse, gaining experience only travel can provide. 

The thing Heather likes most about nursing is that every day is different. Heather finds joy in being able to provide compassionate care to our patients and helping both the patient & their families through difficult times. Seeing patients walk out the door happy and healthy again is the best reward ever! Heather also enjoys educating our clients about their pet's healthcare. 

Heather has a special interest in our senior furry friends and would like to do more work around physiotherapy in this area. In 2022, Heather took on the important role of overseeing our reminder system, ensuring all your loved pet's keep up to date with their healthcare needs. 

Outside of work Heather is busy with her two beautiful children Billy & Eden. When she has a 'rare' quiet moment, she enjoys reading a good book, camping, hiking and of course still has the travel bug, jumping in the car to travel around Australia every chance she gets! 

Helle Heesen

Registered Veterinary Nurse (Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing)

Helle has been a veterinary nurse for 7 years now and is one of our Registered Nurses here at Southside. Originally from Holland, Helle had a break from nursing when she spent time travelling and eventually settling in Australia. Before joining the Southside team Helle had worked in multiple other clinics in Holland & Australia, gaining new skills & experience at each place. 

Helle loves working with animals and had wanted to follow this career path since she was young. She finds the most joy in sending patients home to their families after they have been unwell in hospital. She enjoys seeing new furry faces each day & loves that in this industry you never stop learning! 

Helle particularly likes surgical nursing but also enjoys an in depth hospital case from time to time. Outside of work, she enjoys exploring & travelling whenever the opportunity arises. 

Megan Rasmussen

Veterinary Nurse (Studying certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing)

Megan joined the Southside team in 2021 and has been working in the veterinary industry since 2020. She has been in love with animals all her life, enjoying horse riding and nursing potty calves on her family farm in NSW.

Megan is  currently studying her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing, with graduation coming up quickly. Megan enjoys working in our close team, sharing the same values and love for animals. She enjoy's caring for unwell patients and is excited about all things surgery, including anaesthetics.  

In her spare time, Megan enjoys camping, being outdoors and playing with her three sausage dogs, Sizzle, Sausage and Mini Dog. 


Ange Dawson

Veterinary Nurse (Cert II in Veterinary Nursing)

Ange joined the clinic in December 2020 after completing a few work placements with us. She is currently completing her certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. Ange lives on the tablelands, so has a long drive to work every day. If that isn't dedication, we aren't sure what is. She has a pet poodle called Jedi, a ridgeback cross called Zuko and a very protective parrot called Arno. Outside of work, Ange enjoys art, motorbike riding and camping. We are pleased to have Ange on our team. 

Tim Powell

Trainee Veterinary Nurse (Studying Cert II in Animal Studies)

Tim joined the Southside Team in February 2022 as a Kennel hand. It was soon clear that Tim possessed the perfect qualities to become a veterinary nurse, and he started studying in mid 2022! 

Since transitioning into the nursing team, Tim says that his favourite part about being in the vet industry is gaining the knowledge and ability to look after animals. Once he has finished his studies, Tim has a keen interest in emergency care & would like to train further in this area. 

Tim is 'Dad' to 3 Jack Russell's, Ella, Alle & Cookie and an bubbly Staffy 'Kush'. Aside from spending time with the doggo's, outside of work Tim enjoy's spending quality time with family & friends, relaxing with a good computer game or spending time outdoors either camping or motorbike riding. 

Madison George

Veterinary Nurse (Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing )

Maddy completed her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing in 2018 and worked in a small country town clinic near Bathurst in NSW. She joined the Southside team in January of 2023.Maddy is passionate about caring for all animals and especially loves a puppy cuddle! 

Maddy is currently studying at a university level, enrolled in a Bachelor of Veterinary Technology. Through this, she has developed a keen interest in genetics, including breeding & reproduction. 

Moving to Cairns with Maddy came her partner Sean, Leo (Dobermann), Piper (Cocker Spaniel) & Nim (Kitty Cat). On her days off Maddy enjoy's spearfishing, snorkelling and exploring the reef! 

Georgia Shaw

Trainee Veterinary Nurse (Studying Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing )

Georgia is one of our new Trainee Veterinary Nurses and this industry is certainly the perfect fit. She is currently studying her Certificate IV and hopes to be qualified soon. Before joining Southside, Georgia lived down in Brisbane working in a local clinic. 

Georgia's favourite part of the veterinary industry is that no two days are the same. She find motivation to stay passionate knowing that she is helping make a difference in all of our patients lives. Georgia enjoys learning about & monitoring anaesthetics for surgical patients. 

Weekends for Georgia include dancing, musical theatre & spending time with her 9yr old kelpie Chester & kitty cat Lexi...oh and her partner Lachy often joins in on the adventures. 

Renee De Loryn

Veterinary Nurse (Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing )

If you are a long term client with Southside Vets, you will remember the wonderful Renee. Renee has been a Veterinary Nurse for 10 years, starting as a trainee here in 2013. 

Renee has a strong passion for wildlife, so in 2019 she spread her nursing skills further than SSVS gaining some experience nursing a variety of different species and in vastly different environments. Renee has participated in international veterinary volunteer programs as a nurse and before returning to Southside, was in the NT doing some remote nursing, volunteering in zoo keeping & wildlife care. 

"Being the voice for the voiceless" is Renee's motto and it really carries through to each patient she cares for. 

Renee has her own fur babies, Leo the Lion (ginger cat) & Ripley the Camp Dog (who she rescued from Alice Springs during her time in the NT). In her spare time she enjoys exploring new places to hike & swim, and taking Ripley to the beach. 

Tanieka McPhee

Veterinary Nurse (Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing )

Tanieka is one of our wonderful Qualified Veterinary Nurses. After finishing her studies in 2019 she has worked locally in Cairns, also getting into reptiles having spent some time at the aquarium. Tanieka has a keen interest in exotic species and is always keen to assist when wildlife come into the clinic. 

Tanieka's favourite part about being a Veterinary Nurse is caring for people's loved pets & seeing them go home happy and healthy, especially after being unwell. 

When Tanieka isn't working we she enjoys taking her dogs to the beach, going on nature walks and is also a bit craft obessessed finding time for drawing & painting. Tanieka is a fur-mum to a tribe of fur-children with 3 cats & 4 dogs. 

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