We have had multiple cases parvovirus over the last few days. Parvovirus is HIGHLY contagious.

Vaccination is the most effective way ...to keep your pet safe. Please make sure your pet is up to date. If you are not sure, call us, we are happy to check for you.

Parvovirus can live in the ground for years! Even if your dog does not leave your yard it is at risk. We carry microscopic particles as we walk in and out of our houses and yards. Vaccination is the only safe way to protect your pet.

There are no drugs available yet that can kill the virus in the animal, so treatment consists of strong, supportive care to control the symptoms and boost the body’s own immune system.

The best success rate for infected dogs is achieved with intensive hospitalised treatment in the Clinic. Here they receive intravenous fluids and canine serum rich in antibodies, antibiotics, drugs to control the vomiting plus other supportive therapies. Should your dog undergo this treatment, be prepared for considerable expense— the average hospital stay is about 5-7 days

Because parvovirus is such a serious disease, it is not recommended to leave an animal without treatment at home.. Even with the best veterinary care, this disease is often fatal.

The first symptoms of parvovirus are vague – lethargy and loss of appetite – but this phase can be very short. Then they deteriorate to severe vomiting and bloody, foul-smelling diarrhoea that can lead to life-threatening dehydration. In its early stages, Parvo can resemble some other digestive upsets.

If your pet experiences any of these symptoms. Contact your vet immediately.





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